Small Business

Clients who want to start their own business have decided to turn their idea or passion into their life’s work. They have researched and planned every aspect of their product or service except, oftentimes, the legalities of business formation. I work with entrepreneurs and small business owners to protect their valuable personal assets (home, personal belongings) from potential creditors, develop contracts and other documents to protect their business, to counseling on applicable laws.

Is it risky to operate as a sole proprietor with no entity protection?  Should you always at least incorporate as a limited liability company (LLC)? What is a S-corporation?  Do I need to keep minute books if my company is an LLC?  Do I need any type of insurance if I incorporate?  My counsel to clients typically involves deciding on which corporate entity is preferable, what licenses might be required, what corporate formalities are required and which ones should be followed as a "best practice," among several other issues facing entrepreneurs and business owners.

Whether you want to form your own home-based food business, your own small manufacturing company, or physician practice, I have expertise in business formation, asset protection, minimizing liability, and business succession planning.